Law Enforcement taxes

We Understand your industry

If you want to master something, you need to be willing to put in the time focusing in on just ONE THING. We have  over 15 years of Experience doing only law enforcement taxes.  

Have we mastered this? YES!   

We provide in-person appointments in both our locations (Bell Gardens, CA and Bellflower, CA)
We also offer virtual tax preparation via Zoom in all 50 states.


Why choosing us?

We have integrity. We are extremely diligent with our work, we make sure no credits are left behind following the tax code. Our work is precise and transparent. Since our company mission is to build long-lasting relationships with every customer, excellent customer service is our top priority.
 Over the years we have seen many cases, you can rest assure we bring vast knowledge and precision navigating the complexities of financial regulations.
We are a socially responsible company, 5% of all our profits go towards social work and charity.
Not convinced yet? We are open all year round and our fees are competitive (we hate hidden fees).

Meet the Experts

Fabian Limonchi

Fabian is extremely knowledgeable about laws, credits and regulations for law enforcement tax preparation and audit protection. He works hand in hand with police officers, sheriffs and deputy sheriffs from all over southern California. 
He has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. When we asked him about why he is so passionate about tax preparation he stated “Chemists are accustomed to handling complex data, conducting thorough research, and ensuring that every step of an experiment is executed with precision. Similarly, tax preparation involves navigating intricate tax codes, examining financial records, and ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations”
In other words, he is very detailed oriented and you couldn’t be in better hands. Oh, and trust us, He will NEVER miss your phone calls, deadlines or reminders.
He is also are in-house bookkeeper (and the one with the best grades in every test we take).

Steph Ramirez

Steph is our fearless CEO. She has been in the industry for 16 years! (she started young, she is not that old). 10 years ago, Steph saw the need of having more tax preparers excelling and specializing in different industries. That is why she started this company. She is an expert in tax preparation, tax planning and tax representation in multiple industries. In her team, the preparers focus in just one industry. Off-season she certifies other tax preparers to join the industry or trains seasoned preparers to advance in their careers. 

Steph has been invited as a guest speaker in tax events and women retreats to share her knowledge about business and taxation in different online platforms with millions of viewers (no, really…millions, we are not exaggerating), SoCal, Miami, Jamaica and even Israel.

She will make sure you are absolutely satisfied with our service. Always with a great attitude. To her, her customers and employees are extremely valuable. She CARES.

Company History

Any agency can have our services, only us can deliver them in a way that makes you feel special.


We are proud to be a multi-cultural office that serves people from different backgrounds. What makes us different from other thousands of agencies that offer the same thing is how we truly believe that we are a big family. We care for you, personally. We want you to get to know us. We want you to be part of our story. A story where you are the hero.

We started this agency in 2014, with a big dream and a huge desire to work hard and help the community. No rich backgrounds, no big loans, no investors. A lot has changed along the way, and we know we could not have made it without you. We value you and we’ll do everything in our power to show our appreciation.  From the bottom of our heart, Thank you!